Welcome to my 10 part series of posts on how I improved the performance of my website, in this post I will be covering a table of contents on what to expect. As well as this I will be providing a list of tests that I have carried out to show a comparison at the end in what has transpired.

In summary, this web page acts as a front page and table of contents for what should be an interesting series of posts (if you are interested in network performance). I will be aiming to minimise the number of requests made by my website and reduce the file size of any requests that execute.

Table of Contents

Network Speed Tests

Regular 2G Network

  • First meaningful paint - 5 seconds
  • Fully loaded - 10.09 seconds

3G Network

  • First meaningful paint - 3.2 seconds
  • Fully loaded - 6.4 seconds

Wi-Fi Network

  • First meaningful paint - 3 seconds
  • Fully loaded - 4.66 seconds

Wi-Fi Network - No Javascript

  • First meaningful paint - 1.6 seconds
  • Fully loaded - 2.8 seconds

PageSpeed Insights



Lighthouse Report

Additional Reports, Pages and Audits

CSS Stats

Current Plugins

Performance Audit

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