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Jack Pritchard

Your website is the digital brochure and a potential storefront of your business. I create bespoke Fullstack websites from the front-end designs to the outstanding backend capabilities which become fully customisable for any ability of the user.

Beautiful websites are what I do best, coding in range of languages including HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and working with popular frameworks like React, WordPress and Gatsby I can create a space for you to grow your business and share your success. CV

What my clients have to say about my work


With vast experience working with a large range of interesting clients I have been able to develop an awareness of the importance of getting projects right and understanding customer needs to deliver a project within budget and scope.

Don’t believe me? Check out what my clients have to say about my work.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Marketing Manager at Vostron

"Simply put, Jack has been an incredible find for Vostron. He has exceeded our expectations at every turn – whether that be in the quality of work produced, the eagerness and desire to help, or the ability to contact the team at any time of the day. I cannot praise, Jack enough for how professional or how talented he is. I would recommend Jack to everyone without a shadow of a doubt."

Improving The Loading Time Of A Videography Website By Over 750%

Leomik is a digital video advertising agency focused on providing a smart and easy videography service. Managing Director, Joe Hammond and Creative Director, Mikey Lamb formed the business in 2018 which has allowed them to follow their passion in creative videos, marketing and strategy.

As the business has grown, the Leomik team have found problems with DIY website builders like ‘Squarespace’ where they have limited creative control and slow load times for their portfolio. They’ve experienced first-hand how slow their site is when asking prospective clients to navigate to their site and having to wait up to half a minute for content to load.

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Designing & Developing a National Micro-site Campaign

Vostron has been a partner of mine since 2017.

After successfully collaborating on marketing campaigns over the years, it was an easy decision to again partner on the national campaign.

The campaign targeted three major cities, including Coventry, Edinburgh, and Portsmouth.

Each city would require its own webpage with content focused on the city to increase the personalisation of the marketing material promoted.

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Development Support For Creative Studio

Seed Animation is an award-winning animation production studio, based in the heart of Soho London.

After searching for a new developer, they came across my profile and we were able to jump on a call that week to discuss their requirements, and to arrange a face to face meeting.

The results of our collaboration have helped shape the information architecture of their site, providing a filtering system for users browsing the latest in their portfolio.

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Consultation Meetings

I acknowledge that building the perfect site is unique to every project I undertake. It means that the site not only satisfies the aims and objectives of your company but is an evergreen solution that can grow with your venture.

In order to achieve a successful project, I focus on listening to your needs, learning about the business and assessing short-term and long-term goals before recommending a solution that suits you.

Laying the foundation during consultation meetings helps to build a website that is both beautifully designed and practically implemented platforms that align with your business needs.

User-Focused Design

Visually appealing websites can help to delight your customers but focusing solely aesthetics can mean that you are missing out on opportunities.

I create exquisite designs that also spotlight usability, inclusivity and ease of navigation to make sure that your layout is not creating barriers between you and potential leads.

I am proficient in using design software such as Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Lightroom to create beautiful sites.

Front-End Development

No two businesses are built the same, and that is consistent with my websites. I take your concept and design a bespoke, functional interface that users can interact with and navigate through with ease.

Through the development of user journeys and user cases, I can format superb front-end capabilities that highlight attention to detail and a deep understanding of how your business works.

I am an expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript but often use React as part of my tech-stack

Back-End Development

As well as front-end development expertise, I have broadened my skill set to include backend languages such as PHP and Node.js

Assisting the front-end of a website with data from bespoke APIs, I am able to take full control of any project and achieve specific requirements that a client may have.

SEO & Site Optimisation

During the final stages of any project, I spend time focussing on the performance of the product.

This can often come in the form of –

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Speedtest Analysis
  • Responsive Testing
  • Session Replay Analysis

My YouTube Channel

Early on in my career I knew it was important to document what I was learning, so I started a blog. The next step on from that was to start my own YouTube channel. I did this not only for myself, but to also share my understanding of topics with others looking to develop their skills.

Starting my own YouTube channel encouraged me to understand a topic deeply as to teach a topic, you must have a strong grasp on the concepts involved. I don't claim to be an expert on every subject I cover, but if I find it of interest, I will cover it and share my experience with others.

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My Dribbble Shots

Interface Designs

In my spare time, I love to test my design capabilities and share my designs online via Dribbble.

Check out a few of my shots and click through to view my portfolio

I love GitHub and open source projects

Development Activity

2016rshah's Github chart

Feel free to browse some of my repositories and pull them down to check out my code!

Touring the south coast

Event Presentations

As someone heavily passionate about my industry, I often find myself giving presentations at local events to the South Coast of England.

Feel free to come along and heckle me sometime!

WordPress to Gatsby

WordPress to Gatsby

WordPress to Gatsby

WordPress to Gatsby

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WordPress To Gatsby

Progressive Web Applications: Blending Industries

Progressive Web Applications: Blending Industries

Progressive Web Applications: Blending Industries

Progressive Web Applications: Blending Industries