Award Winning Web Developer

Jack Pritchard

Front-end Web Development

My primary passion in life is front-end website development.

I take pride in the fact I can turn any design put in front of me to functional interfaces that users can interact and navigate with.

I know the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript but often use React as part of my tech-stack

Back-end Web Development

As well as front-end development expertise, I have broadened my skill set to include backend languages such as PHP and Node.js

Assisting the front-end of a website with data from bespoke APIs, I am able to take full control of any project and achieve specific requirements that a client may have.

Site Optimisation

Not only do websites that load slow creative negative experiences with digital products, but they also affect bottom line sales, SEO and damage business overall.

I take pride in optimising any and all of my products to load as quickly as possible, no matter the connection or device.

Website Design

With several years of experience in Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Lightroom.

It is safe to say I've got the knowledge to design a product that not only aesthetically pleases the eyes, but also a product that is usable to consumers.

New CV, Who dis?

Good Evening, I'm Jack Pritchard, a passionate front-end website developer.

I want to improve how businesses present themselves in the form of brand development and design.

Born and raised in Swansea, I came to the South of England to complete studies in Website Design and Development where I graduated with a 1:1 on my undergraduate course.

I’ve now returned to my studies with a focus on growing my business, continuning my studies on a post-graduate MA Creative Enterprise course.

It's a fancy way of saying advanced business studies.

My primary focus is website development, specifically front-end web technologies and implementing the latest frameworks to create bespoke solutions to solve business problems.

I have experience in HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, PHP, WordPress, Gatsby.

Heck this site is built with most of those!

Although I have experience creating bespoke backend systems, my true passion lies in the front-end development. Turning designs into functional pages that represent brands or enable users to make use of web applications.


  • ✅ Grade C+ - English and Mathematics GCSE
  • ✅ D*D*D* - BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 in ICT
  • ✅ 1:1 - BSc Website Design and Development
  • 🎯 1:1 - MA Creative Enterprise

Developer Languages

  • 🔨 HTML
  • 👓 SCSS/CSS
  • 💻 JavaScript
  • ⚛ React
  • 🐘 PHP
  • 🗃 MYSQL

Jack's Career

3 Years of Experience

Freelance Fullstack Developer


September 2015 - Present

I have been working as a website designer, developer and founder of my business NoFace.

NoFace has received clients that have included working on projects covering Brand Design, Brand Development, Website Design, Website Development, Website Hosting, Website Backups, Website Optimisation, the list goes on!

My website development stack focuses on cutting-edge technologies such as Node.JS servers for APIs, React JS, Gatsby for statically generating sites and creating high-performing web applications

As part of a one-man business, I deal with client services, communications and website design/development.

Web Developer


June 2016 - November 2017

During my studies at Solent University, I undertook a work placement at Moov2 for a full year of internship.

Working as a web designer and developer, I assisted with both the front-end designs of websites and assited in developing with web technologies, front-end and back-end languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SCSS.

I have learnt how to use Git, Bitbucket, Github as part of my source control training and know how to work in the context of a large team.

Web Developer


April 2016 - June 2016

As the only website designer and developer of the team, I was tasked with creating designs for clients and following a structured creative process when generating ideas and solutions.

As well as the initial designs, I was also responsible for creating the website applications and interfaces that will be used as an end product, often utilising CMS technologies such as WordPress.

Awards 🥇

1st Place WorldSkills UK

Website Design and Development - 2013

Amongst competitors from both south and north Wales, I placed 1st in the first and final rounds of the 2013 WorldSkills UK competition and won the title of 1st place for website design and development in Wales. Read about it at the official WorldSkills website -