The whole team loved working with Jack. He was so personable and responsive and guided us through the whole process in a way that made us feel involved. Jack was extremely thorough and was happy to spend time listening to all our requests and small details that resulted in the site is exactly how we imagined it. He is equally creative as he is technical and we couldn't recommend him enough to anyone who is looking to get a site that stands out.
— Jamie Pigram - Head of Production at Fred & Eric
Jack has been a great find for Seed Animation, we know that we can message him anytime to discuss ideas we have for the site and to help us with our digital strategy.
— Viktoria Bebok - Builder of Buzz at Seed Animation Studio
Simply put, Jack has been an incredible find for Vostron. He has exceeded our expectations at every turn - whether that be in the quality of work produced, the eagerness and desire to help, or the ability to contact the team at any time of the day. I cannot praise, Jack enough for how professional or how talented he is. I would recommend Jack to everyone without a shadow of a doubt.
— Dan Smith - Marketing Manager at Vostron
Jack's customer service and skills provided a delight of professionalism to us every step of the way. Answering all of our questions and asking us meaningful questions to clearly understand what we really wanted. Jack presented pure excellence with his web design/development and holds an immense level for detail and creativity. We would highly recommend Jack. Get in touch today because you won't be disappointed.
— Joe Hammond - Managing Director at Leomik
Finding Jack was an absolute triumph for our business! The whole process from start to finish was a huge joy as we were guided through everything by a highly capable, committed and caring individual whose expertise and knowledge far surpassed our expectations. Without a shadow of a doubt, we will be using Jack again for our future digital media needs.
— Patrick Porter - Marketing Manager at Ecobreeze
Jack visited our team and helped us with creating high-quality photographs that we could use on our new website. Once the site was complete, he gave us some training in our offices to ensure we were comfortable with using it. He was always at the end of an email giving us rapid responses to any questions and concerns that we had.
— Maureen Tomlinson - Training Co-ordinator at TWICS
Working with Jack has been an absolute pleasure. We started working with him after months of unsuccessful attempts to create our own webpage. Not only did he do a great job of displaying our content, but he also provided us with on-going support to overcome our own technical difficulties.
— Sam McMahon - CEO at SNM Innovation
Jack kept things as simple as possible making efforts to enable us to manage the site easily, the site was exactly what we wanted. We were extremely pleased with the results and the friendly, customer-orientated way in which this contract was delivered.
— Irene MacWilliam - Chairboard Leader at FTQP

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