Update on Topics and Setup

by Jack Pritchard

Hey! Just so you know, this article is over 2 years old. Some of the information in it might be outdated, so take it with a grain of salt. I'm not saying it's not worth a read, but don't take everything in it as gospel. If you're curious about something, it never hurts to double-check with a more up-to-date source!

Why am I writing this update?


So I will very rarely write a blog updating everyone on my current affairs and what is going on in my personal life so much. However as this relates directly with not only my YouTube channel but my current tools and skill set, I thought it would be appropriate and best to make an update on what changes are happening and what will result of this.



I have started my new job this week over at Moov2. They are a great company to work for and I am spending a year out from university to complete work placement within the industry. From this career opportunity I have been presented with the task of learning more than HTML, CSS and PHP/Wordpress. I am currently learning languages and frameworks such as C#, .Net, MVC, .cshtml, .scss and more! As a result of this my knowledge on coding goes from a basic front-end skill set to working with advanced skills and projects. I have found the new technologies difficult to learn, but I enjoy a challenge! The main reason I am talking about this is because with this new skill set, my knowledge of website design and the tutorials I can provide is rapidly expanding. I think it would be a cool concept to learn a new skill and as it is fresh in my mind I will explain it in the form of a tutorial video. This could either result in fresh knowledge or a very narrow perspective of the languages and technologies learnt. I will test the waters with a MVC series and if once finished I look back a month or so later and it is still credible I will continue with the format.



I will be moving out of my current property on the 1st of July, this is related as I will have a larger work environment for hardware and a change of setup will soon follow. I am looking to purchase a 3rd monitor and high quality recording/production equipment. So be prepared for some fresh change to both my website productions and my YouTube channel! TL;DR - A YouTube video will soon follow.