I am going to set myself 5 new years resolutions -

1) Post at least 100 posts over the whole year

2) Post at least 1 video a week with at least 3 tutorial/information video sets/playlists

3) Learn and master Adobe InDesign

4) Learn more on CSS Animation / Adobe Edge Animate

5) Hit fitness and hobby goals

The first point is so that I make more notes and insights as to what processes I think about or to give an explanation or look at my design processes and to connect and network with others. I will ensure that I will not upload low-quality posts just to get my post count up and will aim to have a schedule made up by the first few weeks.

The 2nd point is related to me finally starting something I've wanted to do for years! Due to me using a 1280x1024 monitor for the past, what maybe 5+ years? I have not been able to make full HD guides and without a high spec PC, all recordings were low quality with no microphone to record. Due to a LARGE change in my setup, I am now able to record HD video, with voice recordings starting the new year!

InDesign is a tool required by many graphic design companies, including the one that I am hoping to be working for come January. Although I already have an understanding of Adobe InDesign, I would now like to master the software tool so that I can work well as part of the team in my new job role.

I have always been interested in animation and the web when asked what interests I have in web design, I have always had to mention animation. With the new powers of CSS3 and new tools such as Adobe's Edge Animate, I now have the capability to explore animation and the web, the only thing left now is to dedicate some time to it and practice!

Finally, a very unrelated resolution to my website and blog is my fitness and hobby goals. Although they may be unrelated, I think they heavily affect my work as some of the best ideas I have for inspiration in my designs comes from endorphin rushes from working out. I will be disciplining myself to attend gym sessions, to eat correctly and to take up a new hobby this year!

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