Makeup and Mane

Uberifying the Makeup and Hair Industry

Makeup and Mane is an elite team of makeup artists and hairstylists based in Southampton that specialises in makeup, wigs and hair for weddings, events and occasions, fashion, theatre and film.

Makeup and Mane have seen large success in bookings that have pushed their team to its maximum capacity when scheduling appointments, and now requires a digital solution that would help automate the process for both customer and staff.

Makeup and Mane approached me with the ambition of a complete redesign and development of their existing website to include a fully-fledged web application that would provide its customers with the power to book appointments, without the need of manual back and forth processes.

The end goal was to produce a system that automated the time-consuming parts of the business, giving staff time to focus on attending to their customers, and directors focused on growing the business.