Magnet Stand

by Jack Pritchard

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About Magnet Stand


Magnet stand is a newly designed art piece, created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This piece of art was constructed using various shapes that have become distorted and transformed into fluid objects, covered in pink and purple gradients. The colours applied in this abstract piece of art give a pastel like brightness to the final result, combined with subtle noise effects to give a worn humanistic feel. Some of the sharp curves and shadings remind me of the Sahara desert, but the colours being pastel like and almost Vaporwave themed give it a futuristic appeal. Thank you for taking the time to view one of my pieces of art. I am in no way an expert but I find enjoyment in expressing myself through creating abstract pieces of art that sometimes show myself what emotions I feel in the subconscious side of myself. If you enjoyed this piece then you may enjoy some of my other gradient manipulations such as Illustration - Natural Clutch or Illustration - Eye Candy.



As with any of my art pieces, all copyright restrictions apply, and the art can not be applied in any personal or commercial projects without my consent. If you do want to use the art pieces for any educational purposes, then that is fine without the need for attribution, but I would prefer being contacted before use.