Gatsby & WordPress – 5.1. – WPGraphQL isFrontPage

21/11/2019 by Jack Pritchard

In this video, we explore the new isFrontPage field available in our GraphQL schema as of WPGraphQL version 0.4.1.

Thanks to Zac Gordon and Jason Bahl for implementing this feature on a live stream (with no audio) that they shared to document their process of implementing new fields.

Jason has made it clear he's exercising his quality assurance to make sure any fields available to the plugin are essential to reduce bloat, and isFrontPage definitely meets that criteria as a must-have for those using WordPress in their JAMStack setups.

WPGraphQL isFrontPage Livestream

WPGraphQL 0.4.1 Release Logs

Full release log can be found at -

Update composer dependencies
Update filter on WPGraphQL::get_allowed_taxonomies()
Update to Docs for WPGraphQL for ACF - Thanks @henrikwirth!
Update to Install and Activate Docs - Thanks @jacobarriola!
Update to Docs sidebar styles - Thanks @TylerBarnes!
Add Router::is_graphql_request() method - Thanks @esamattis!
Fix issue with PostObjectMutation not respecting term inputs if graphql_plural_name was capitalized in the registration
Prevent execution of connections if the source Post is null
Fix PostObjectCursor issue with meta_value_num compares - Thanks @kidunot89!
Fix UserLoader for orphaned users - Kellen
Adjustments to Comment Model - Ryan
Add Interface inheritance for Types implementing Interfaces - Thanks @kidunot89!
Fix PHP warning in InstrumentSchema.php
Add tests for Interfaces
add Page.isFrontPage field to the Schema - Thanks @zgordon!

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