Fred & Eric

Using React to boost the SEO of a London Animation Studio

Fred & Eric is an award-winning design and animation agency based in London, producing work that is full of character, charm, and originality.

As Fred & Eric have built a reputation by delivering quality solutions with clients including Netflix, Google, Channel 4, and many more, they have identified that their website needed to reflect their high-quality service offering and showcase their capabilities.

With a strong portfolio existing already on Squarespace, they wanted to increase their SEO score to rank higher than the competition.

Therefore they needed a way of optimising how their website delivered content, and at the same time made full use of the opportunity to redesign their website.

Here’s what we achieved.

The whole team loved working with Jack. He was so personable and responsive and guided us through the whole process in a way that made us feel involved. Jack was extremely thorough and was happy to spend time listening to all our requests and small details that resulted in the site is exactly how we imagined it. He is equally creative as he is technical and we couldn't recommend him enough to anyone who is looking to get a site that stands out.