Solent University - Poster Day

by Jack Pritchard

Hey! Just so you know, this article is over 2 years old. Some of the information in it might be outdated, so take it with a grain of salt. I'm not saying it's not worth a read, but don't take everything in it as gospel. If you're curious about something, it never hurts to double-check with a more up-to-date source!

On the 24th of May, I decided to go and visit Solent University to view some of the final major projects and dissertations of those studying courses related to computing.

What is a "poster day"?


This day is formally known as a "poster day" and is aimed more at employers scouting out potential employees that they can hire to be a part of their teams. I, however, had a different agenda which was to catch up with colleagues and friends from my original class of study and to get some inspiration as to what I can do for my dissertation. I arrived at 3.30pm to an unusually quiet university, as most students had finished their studies and were probably still in bed sleeping. Before I had entered the new Solent building named "The Spark", I had already bumped into a good friend of mine Connor Banks. Upon entering "The Spark" I was met with an extensive collection of exhibitions that promoted the hard work all of the students had handed in as their dissertations.



Some of the stand-out displays that I had the chance to view from my class were from Connor Banks, Samuel Headland, Mia Vøling and Natasha Hockey. Connor had created a social media platform which tapped into the niche of travellers wanting to share their experience in countries and cities from all over the world. Users could search for reviews and landmarks from cities they were planning on visiting, as well as share their own experiences with other users. Samuel similarly created a social media platform. However, this website solution was aimed at coffee fanatics. Users could share their experiences with coffee businesses, I thought this was an excellent idea as it would help support local businesses to grow and help show some of the strong competitors to giants such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee. Mia's dissertation focused on encouraging women to explore the possibilities of pursuing a career in technology and computing. Mia designed a mobile application which provided resources into the history of women and technology, computing and design. It also encouraged learning with a series of quizzes and lessons related to topics of technology. Natasha had created a great solution to a problem many teams face on a daily basis, project management and time management. Natasha had created a high-fidelity design which focused on removing some of the challenges that employees and employers find themselves dealing with. I could even see myself adopting the application if it were to continue into a phase of development.



Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go and view all of the displays that were open at the Computing Programme day. All of the students presenting did an excellent job making it to the final year and actually gave me a great source of inspiration and motivation for my dissertation upon returning to my last year of my Bachelors of Science course.



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