Cinnamon Buns

by Jack Pritchard

Made these in the middle of February 2023.

I think I've figured out how to produce the cinnamon buns with enough raise now. The sugar wasn't overflowing, I created the dough by hand without any tools, and I used a little more yeast than I normally do. I also used a little more flour than I normally do. I think I'm going to stick with this recipe for now.

I was unable to get the dough split up to create knots, so I just rolled it out and cut it up as cinnamon swirls instead.

The butter from the dough created a real brioche-like flavour which was great.

The only thing lacking was the sugar to dough ratio. I think I need to add a little more sugar to the dough next time.

Next time I will stick to my method, but instead of rolling it normally, I'm going to roll the dough ultra-thin and spread the sugar across the dough before rolling the cinnamon buns up. I want to get at least 20 folds (spins) in the dough before I proof them for baking.